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on: August 24, 2017, 08:51:05 PM

This information thread shall give you the contact list you might need whenever you are wondering who you should contact concerning any matter on xSF. It lists everyone in the staff team who manages every department. If you need help, you may contact the according person on the forums.

Staff Team Manager: Gabie
Helper Team Manager: Netano
Community Manager: Fartman

Ban Appeals Leader: Smoke[R]
Forum Moderation Leader: ShinyFord
Community Events Leader: Anicetus
Development Leader: denNorske

Remember to always try to keep in touch with the proper person whatever your issue should be. If you do not contact the right person, your message will be redirected to the right staff member, or you will be told to message them.
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Before contacting me, make sure you are contacting the right person, else I will not reply.